“Go into a jail cell and talk with a criminal?  Cool!”  LOL!  Sorry not what I mean.  People in prison need prayers and their families need help, but leave that work to others.  God is still calling you to perform this amazing corporal work of mercy though!  Here are a few other ways you can do this “still cool?” work:

  • Send cards to people in prison to give them hope and strength.
  • Donate your old bibles to a local prison (because you use it so much you need a new one right?) 😉
  • Offer to help someone who is stuck in their schoolwork
  • Volunteer to babysit your sibling(s) for your parents so they can get out of the house for a while
  • Take your friend, who is feeling stressed and drowned in schoolwork, job, life etc., on an outing (and for your own sake too, because we all need some time away from life right?)

I challenge you to find a moment this week to visit the imprisoned.  And I’d love to hear in the comments below what you did!

Click here if to read how you can shelter the homeless.