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"The world's thy ship not thy home" – St. Therese of Lisieux


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The Hidden Work of Our Valiant Priests

Being a priest in the Catholic Church seems like a pretty easy job right?  They only have to say Mass on Saturday and Sunday and say Confession for an hour before Mass.  Doesn’t sound that hard and strenuous.  Okay, if that’s the case then let me paint a picture for you.  Say there are about 500 people in my parish.  Let’s also say each person, including myself, asks our parish priest for something once a month.  That means 15 people each day would ask a favor from Father.  Fifteen people each day!  And typically when someone asks Father for something it is not a quick question, usually it is a “can we meet and talk” or “can you hear my confession” or “can you come to the hospital and give me Anointing of the Sick“?  Continue reading “The Hidden Work of Our Valiant Priests”


Who Are Real Life Superheroes?

Movies and books are filled with men and woman who save the world countless times from disaster.  And they are pretty cool right?  Men or women who can shrink to the size of an ant, fly, shoot webs, control lightning, run fast, do flips, or control things with mind, and be awesome like Captain America. 😉  These “super people” do amazing things that grab our attention and leave us wanting more when ever the movie is over.  Why? Continue reading “Who Are Real Life Superheroes?”

Raising the Bar for Women and Babies

I entered a Right to Life Oratory Contest again this year and wanted to share with you the speech I wrote.

Lives are at stake, but the future is filled with questions and uneasiness.  Becca, Erin, and Holly are each uncertain about whether or not to keep their unborn child.  Is abortion their only option?   Continue reading “Raising the Bar for Women and Babies”

Why Should I Read the Old Testament?

Through the past few years of my life I didn’t care much for reading the Old Testament.  Sometimes I might read about the Flood or Joseph getting brought to Egypt but I knew the stories already and the books I didn’t understand (like Leviticus and all those books named after prophets) I’d just skip over and go straight to the Gospels.  My favorite books are the Gospels.  I mean who wouldn’t like reading stories about one’s best friend, aka Jesus?  But then things changed after I participated in a bible study. Continue reading “Why Should I Read the Old Testament?”

Love’s Forgotten Meaning

Love.  Probably the most overused word in the English language.  We use it for everything.  “I love this cookie.”  “I love my phone.” “I love my boyfriend/girlfriend.”  “I love Jesus.”  We use it so much that it has lost its meaning.  When I say, “I love this chocolate bar,” the feeling I have is completely different than the love I have for my friends.  What does love even mean?  Continue reading “Love’s Forgotten Meaning”

Our Ally and Weapon of This Time

Bishop Fulton Sheen told this story: Jesus was walking through the beautiful grounds of heaven and noticed that many souls had easily gotten into heaven.  So He went to Peter and asked, “Peter, I gave you the Keys of Heaven.  Why are you not exercising your authority and letting many souls gain entrance into Heaven so easily?”  Peter answered, “Lord, don’t blame me.  Every time I close the gates your mother opens a window.” Continue reading “Our Ally and Weapon of This Time”

Is Lent Without Chocolate Worth the Trouble?

Lent.  It has come again.  It feels like just yesterday we began to prepare for Jesus’ birth with the beginning of Advent and now He has been born and baptized and lost in the temple again! (wait that is just a feast day 😉 )  In 40 days he will be crucified and then will rise from the dead three days later.  It is the same every year and, in a way, becomes monotonous.  Continue reading “Is Lent Without Chocolate Worth the Trouble?”

The Six Powerful Words of Mary

When the angel Gabriel appeared to the young, virgin Mary she was presented with a choice.  A choice that had the potential to change the future of the human race forever.  She had to choose whether or not she wanted to receive Jesus into her womb and accept the role as Mother of God.  Despite the uncertainty of what might come, she chose to say those six simple words: “Let it be done unto me.” She freely chose to be the “handmaid of the Lord.”  This means that, without reservation, she chose to be God’s personal servant. Unlike Eve who responded to God with her “no”, bringing sin and pain into the world, Mary’s “ yes” brought us freedom and healing. Continue reading “The Six Powerful Words of Mary”

ASAP (always say a prayer)

Why Pray?

“Prayer is to Christians as breathing is to humans.”  When I heard those words it brought prayer to a whole new level for me.  If that is truly what prayer is then that means I need prayer to survive.  Prayer isn’t just for the monks and cloistered nuns but for you and me.  Prayer is essential for us to gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Prayer then must be part of my every day life and not just one hour on Sunday.  But why?  Continue reading “ASAP (always say a prayer)”

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