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"The world's thy ship not thy home" – St. Therese of Lisieux


Random Revelations

What If You Fly?

Beads of sweat fall off my skin and onto the ground.  With each step the sand pulls me down, leaving me only inches closer.  My muscles are screaming at me as I struggle to pull my hands and feet free.  I feel like collapsing, but I have not even reached the halfway mark of this four hundred fifty foot dune.  Will I ever reach the top? Continue reading “What If You Fly?”


What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up

“Time.  Time.  Never enough time.”  That is always my excuse.  “Always too busy and never enough time.”

Why?  Why are there never enough hours in the day for me? Continue reading “What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up”

The Key to Less Stress

What is the key to a less stressful life?  I learned this the hard way… Continue reading “The Key to Less Stress”

Your Name Is Worth More Than You Think

One reason St. John Paul II was greatly loved is because he made the extra effort to remember the name of each person he met and little things about them.  He remembered the names of Swiss guards, seminarians, and other people he randomly met throughout his life, even years later.  He could even remember all the 2000+ bishops individually by name!  WOW!

He had the power to help others feel loved just by remembering and using their name.  How?  What is so special about remembering someone’s name? Continue reading “Your Name Is Worth More Than You Think”

My Summer Experience: Increasing Charity, Joy, and a Childlike Spirit

Can you believe that summer is practically over?!  I know I am so sad. 😥  But wasn’t it a great summer though?  You can’t say yours was boring because earlier this summer I posted a list of 102 things you could do this summer.  Did you get a chance to do any of them?  Hopefully and I’d love to hear in the comments below what you did and how it went!  I did a few and am so glad I did.  I actually went over the list a few weeks ago and there were a couple I didn’t do, but wanted to and so made extra effort to complete them and I’m glad I did.  I wanted to share with you my experience and what I learned with a few of them.

Continue reading “My Summer Experience: Increasing Charity, Joy, and a Childlike Spirit”

Changing the Way I Listened to Music

Have you ever taken the time to truly listen to a piece of music?  You might have listened with your ears, but have you ever listened with your heart?  I have listened to many piano classics before and have also gone to hear the symphony, but it wasn’t ’til after I had a conversation with a friend of mine, that I was challenged to listen to music like I never had before. Continue reading “Changing the Way I Listened to Music”

Summer Promises | Everyday Beauty

As I step outside the warm sunlight kisses my skin and the breeze tousles my hair.  I slip off my sandals and step onto the soft grass.  Rays of gold dance upon the leaves and scattered clouds float across the ocean blue sky.  I wrap my arms around myself and breathe in the fresh air.  A smile reaches my lips. Continue reading “Summer Promises | Everyday Beauty”

Are You Ready to Die?

If you were to die tomorrow what would you do today?  I’m sure you’d say goodbye to family and friends, maybe eat your favorite food, and just soak in the last hours on earth.  But what would you do to prepare your soul for meeting God face-to-face?  Continue reading “Are You Ready to Die?”

Hummingbird | Everyday Beauty

A quick flash of red and green shimmer catch my eye.  I swing my head around, but stop when I see Continue reading “Hummingbird | Everyday Beauty”

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