Desiring Heaven

"The world's thy ship not thy home" – St. Therese of Lisieux

Can I Become a Saint?

St. Kizito, St. Maria Goretti, St. Dominic Savio, St. Agnes of Rome, St. Philomena, St. Pedro Calungsod, St. Dymphna, St. Stanislaus Kostka… and the list goes on.  But what makes these people particularly important?  What do these eight Saints have in common? Continue reading “Can I Become a Saint?”


A Powerful Audio Revealing the Biggest War in History

“For every BB that strikes, it represents 10,000 lives lost…10,000 lives for every BB…This is the reality of what is occurring in your country.” – Peter Heck

I strongly urge you to spend a couple minutes listening to this representation of the silent war happening around the world today.  This portrayal by Peter Heck greatly impacted me and I hope it has an affect on you too.  Spread the word.  Pray.

Continue reading “A Powerful Audio Revealing the Biggest War in History”

What Church Did Jesus Start? | Apologetic Tidbit #1

“I grew up Catholic but have since joined the Baptist Church.  Does it truly matter what Christian denomination I belong to as long as I love Jesus?  If it does matter, how do I know what church is the true church Jesus started?”

Continue reading “What Church Did Jesus Start? | Apologetic Tidbit #1”

Why is Modesty Important?

Modesty is hard.  I admit it, staying modestly dressed takes commitment and struggle in this day and age.  I love fashion and really enjoy shopping, but when I put that and modesty together in this culture I’m faced with a challenge.  If it’s high in the front it’s low in the back.  If it’s modest on top it’s short on the bottom.  But I have always been taught to be modest by my parents, at retreats, and by the church.  Whatever I wear gets the “yes” or “no” of my parents and I just go with that.  I have always been told what to do…but why?  Why do I have to spend an extra few hours shopping to get that shirt with a neckline 3in higher or that bathing suit that gives more coverage?  What is the point?

I would like to share with you 5 reasons why being modest is so important.  Hopefully you can take these reasons to heart and strive to be more modest because of them. Continue reading “Why is Modesty Important?”

Is This Modest? The Dos and Don’ts of Modesty.

There are so many definitions for modesty around the world ranging from covering only bare minimums to leaving only the eyes showing. How are you supposed to know what is good enough?  What modesty guidelines should a Christian girl follow? Continue reading “Is This Modest? The Dos and Don’ts of Modesty.”

School Morning Playlist

School is here!!  For some of you it has already started and others, including myself, tomorrow morning is the first day!  I wish you all good luck and many prayers on this new school year!  Let’s all go into this year with good spirits and an energetic attitude.  It is time to take action and grow more in knowledge and as a person.  I know there will be some struggles to get up early after being used to summer sleep ins, but I have put together a playlist that I hope will get you pumped up in the morning and ready to take on the world with a determination and joy!  Hope you enjoy and have a great school year! 😀 Continue reading “School Morning Playlist”

My Summer Experience: Increasing Charity, Joy, and a Childlike Spirit

Can you believe that summer is practically over?!  I know I am so sad. 😥  But wasn’t it a great summer though?  You can’t say yours was boring because earlier this summer I posted a list of 102 things you could do this summer.  Did you get a chance to do any of them?  Hopefully and I’d love to hear in the comments below what you did and how it went!  I did a few and am so glad I did.  I actually went over the list a few weeks ago and there were a couple I didn’t do, but wanted to and so made extra effort to complete them and I’m glad I did.  I wanted to share with you my experience and what I learned with a few of them.

Continue reading “My Summer Experience: Increasing Charity, Joy, and a Childlike Spirit”

Burning an Image of Christ on your soul

Look at the three dots in the middle of this picture for 30 seconds.  When that time is up immediately look at a wall or piece of paper.  What do you see?  Hopefully you’re getting all excited because you see an image of Jesus on a blank wall!! 😉  Temporarily the black and white contrast burned an image in your eyes. But sadly it probably now its fading away. 😦  But that’s okay you can do it again! 🙂  Okay you’re probably rolling your eyes and wondering why I’m making you do this?  Well, it has to do with an experience I had this summer. Continue reading “Burning an Image of Christ on your soul”

Why Journaling Is Worth Your Time and Prayer Life | Guest Post by Maddie Catherine

When I was a kid, I used to hate journaling. With a burning passion. My parents always forced my siblings and I to keep “travel journals” whenever we went out of state and it was horrible. I hated writing about things that I already knew about and I didn’t like sitting down and writing for 20/30 minutes. Lets just say journaling was not my favorite past time.

Then, when I was in 6th grade, I decided to start a personal journal. There didn’t have to be due dates, and I didn’t have to write in it every day. I’m pretty sure I wrote something along the lines of “Let’s see how long I can keep this up.”

Well personal journaling succeeded… and that led to my spiritual journaling. And my friends, I seriously could not live without it today. You know why? Well I’ll give you 4 solid reasons why.  Continue reading “Why Journaling Is Worth Your Time and Prayer Life | Guest Post by Maddie Catherine”

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