Desiring Heaven



I’ve Found the Eucharist!

What if that is the key to receiving the Eucharist in this time when we cannot physically? Christ gave us the Eucharist to unite with Him here on earth and we are created for this union. But we cannot receive the Eucharist physically at every single moment of our day and in moments of trial and suffering when we long for it the most, like right now, we are unable. We can in a different way....

The Question of My Life | My Testimony Part 2

Raise your hand if you are a disciple of Jesus... Okay put your hand down, that's weird. But do ask yourself, "Am I a disciple of Jesus?" If you answered yes I want to take you on a journey of thought I recently experienced in a homily at Mass.

A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony Part 1

Why do I feel sad? Why do I hurt? Where is this dissatisfaction with life burning in my soul coming from? For the past few months, questions like these have been running through my head. I've been struggling to understand why I've felt empty and forgotten.

Burning an Image of Christ on your soul

Look at the three dots in the middle of this picture for 30 seconds.  When that time is up immediately look at a wall or piece of paper.  What do you see?  Hopefully you're getting all excited because you see... Continue Reading →

Why go to Mass?

Getting up for church on a Sunday morning is hard.  Often I would way rather be sleeping than trying to be ready in less than an hour and cheerful at church when I'm still trying to get over my morning... Continue Reading →

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