Desiring Heaven



I’ve Found the Eucharist!

What if that is the key to receiving the Eucharist in this time when we cannot physically? Christ gave us the Eucharist to unite with Him here on earth and we are created for this union. But we cannot receive the Eucharist physically at every single moment of our day and in moments of trial and suffering when we long for it the most, like right now, we are unable. We can in a different way....

How to Transform Your Daily Life

I just finished listening to this video and had to share it. It is simple yet powerful in its message. I'm inspired to follow the advice it gives and I'm convinced if I do I could positively transform my daily life.

The Hidden Work of Our Valiant Priests

Being a priest in the Catholic Church seems like a pretty easy job right?  They only have to say Mass on Saturday and Sunday and say Confession for an hour before Mass.  Doesn't sound that hard and strenuous.  Okay, if... Continue Reading →

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