Desiring Heaven

"The world's thy ship not thy home" – St. Therese of Lisieux

Franciscans Snowboard!?

It was a warm and sunny winter day, perfect for skiing.  I hit the slopes and whipped down the hills all “slick and professional.”  Gaining some daring confidence, I headed towards the jumps.  As I was about to lift off the ground, I remembered this was only my second time skiing.  Nonetheless I was in for it.  I landed a A+ wipe-out with my skis everywhere and who knows where my poles went…  Continue reading “Franciscans Snowboard!?”


Where I Find Joy This Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Jesus is born and the day is finally HERE!!!! ​[insert shimmy​] ;D Continue reading “Where I Find Joy This Christmas”

What If You Fly?

Beads of sweat fall off my skin and onto the ground.  With each step the sand pulls me down, leaving me only inches closer.  My muscles are screaming at me as I struggle to pull my hands and feet free.  I feel like collapsing, but I have not even reached the halfway mark of this four hundred fifty foot dune.  Will I ever reach the top? Continue reading “What If You Fly?”

A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony

Why do I feel sad?  Why do I hurt?  Where is this dissatisfaction with life burning in my soul coming from? Continue reading “A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony”

Why I’ve Decided Not to See Beauty and the Beast 2017 | Movie Review

Ever since Disney announced the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast was in the making, I’ve been greatly anticipating its release on March 17, 2017.

I’ve always cherished this fairy tale because Belle and the prince fall in love over time instead of in one night and Belle is an honorable role model that girls can look up to.  Beauty and the Beast is a wholesome story line and I’ve grown up loving the story.

In this way, it was hard for me to decide not to watch this new remake.  However there are three important reasons why I won’t be watching it.

Continue reading “Why I’ve Decided Not to See Beauty and the Beast 2017 | Movie Review”

The Surest and Easiest Way to Sainthood

The first day of this new year was one of the best days of my life because it was the beginning of a new life.  For 33 days I had been preparing for this day and finally it was here.  After Mass as I knelt before the tabernacle and poured out the words to the prayer… Continue reading “The Surest and Easiest Way to Sainthood”

What to Do When Someone Takes God’s Name in Vain | Apologetic Tidbit #2

“I just met this wonderful person and have begun to develop a great friendship with him.  However, I’ve begin to notice how often he takes God’s name in vain.  It pains me whenever I hear it.  What should I do?”

Continue reading “What to Do When Someone Takes God’s Name in Vain | Apologetic Tidbit #2”

What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up

“Time.  Time.  Never enough time.”  That is always my excuse.  “Always too busy and never enough time.”

Why?  Why are there never enough hours in the day for me? Continue reading “What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up”

The Christmas Story Is a Story About You

Did you know that if you take the time to look deep into the Christmas story, you will see how much it is a story about you?  This is not just a fun tale about characters a couple thousand years ago, but a living biography about people who had to make choices that you and I make every day.  It is a story that when applied to your life, you will see it become a story about your life. Continue reading “The Christmas Story Is a Story About You”

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